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Madam Arbitrator is the memoir of Sandra Smith Gangle, who became the first woman lawyer from Oregon to achieve a successful career as a labor arbitrator throughout the Pacific Northwest. A compelling story, it addresses many obstacles women faced throughout the twentieth century, especially the legal profession’s glass ceiling. The book focusses on the economic and social values of collective bargaining and ethical dispute-resolution for maintaining harmony, not only in the workplace, but in the greater American social environment.


WHO SHOULD READ Madam Arbitrator?

  • Women and persons of color who still are not treated as equals to white males in employment, especially in positions of authority;

  • Members of League of Women Voters, AAUW, and advocacy groups such as NAACP, LGBTQ organizations, and disability-rights groups;

  • Lawyers in public-interest law, civil rights, and labor-relations;

  • Law students and college graduates seeking to achieve justice and peace;

  • Book club members interested in books focusing on social-justice issues.

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