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“Woman of Achievement” Award, Salem, OR YWCA, 1985

“Pro Bono Attorney of the Year” Award, Marion County Bar Association, 1990, 1994

“Maggie Emerita Arbitrator” Award, Oregon Labor and Employment Association, 2018

“Ursula Laurus Distinguished Alumna” Award, College of New Rochelle, 2019


 “LCDC Goal 10: Oregon’s Solution to Exclusionary Zoning”,
Law Review  (Summer 1980), p.873.


"Alcohol and Drug-Related Issues in Public Sector Arbitration Cases",

U. Oregon Labor Education and Research Center Monograph Series No. 5 (1986).


"Patient Abuse Cases:  Violence in Residential Care Facilities",

Arbitration Quarterly of the Northwest (Fall 1992).


"Gender and Power in the Workplace", Arb. Quarterly of the Northwest (Spring 1993)


"Employment Arbitration Agreements:  Are There Minimum Standards of Procedural Fairness?",
Proceedings, 1994 Univ. of Wash. ADR Conference.


"Arbitrator's Duty to Make Disclosures", SPIDR NW Newsletter, 11/95 issue.


“Public Policy vs. Public Opinion”, U.Oregon LERC Monograph Series No. 17 (2003)



 United Grocers, Inc. and Teamsters, Local 162, 92 LA 566 (1989)
(Contract Interpretation Arbitration, Parol Evidence Rule Issue)

Down River Forest Products, Inc. and Graphic Communication Workers,
Council 2, Local 388 M, 94 LA 141 (1989) (Wages, Missing Contract Term Issues)

Rexam Graphics and AWPPW, Local 78, 111 LA 1177 (1999) (Discharge Arb.)

(Remedy Issue), aff’d on appeal, Case No. 99-35862, 9th Cir., Aug. 8, 2000.


Dept. of Veterans Affairs and AFGE, 113 LA 961 (2000)

(Same-Sex Sexual harassment issue in arbitration)


Fed. Bur. Of Prisons and AFGE, Local 3379, 114 LA 1126 (2001)

(Procedural Arbitrability issue)

Albertson’s and UFCW Local 555, 115 LA 887 (2001)

(Insubordination, Sexual Harassment issues)

Valley Comm. Ctr. and V.C.C. Employees Assn., 119 LA 1767 (Dress Code),

cited, Elkouri & Elkouri, How Arbitration Works, 6th ed., 2008 Supplement

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