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Sandra’s book is a real page-turner. It is not only her personal story but is a fascinating history of the development of sexual equity in the late 20th century as well as the growth of labor arbitration’s influence on the American workplace. Sandra is a trail-blazer and I am honored to count her among my friends.


—Mitzi Naucler, J.D., Former President of Oregon State Bar Association


Madam Arbitrator is superb writing that delights us with the intimate details of one woman's inspiring journey to becoming a highly respected labor arbitrator. At each step—from the eight-year-old girl who wanted to be a lawyer through the struggles of a woman in the male-dominated realms of work, law school, lawyering, courtrooms, and labor arbitration—the story reveals the rewards of determination and belief in one's self. Discouraged from her goals by many, and encouraged by some, Sandra Gangle kept to her quest for peace and justice.


—Ross Runkel, Professor of Law Emeritus at Willamette University College of Law

Madam Arbitrator is the engaging and inspiring memoir of a teacher and lawyer who combined compassion, fairmindedness, and a keen sense of what is just and true. The story of her experiences as a child raised by a single parent, her brief career as a teacher of foreign languages, and her remarkable success as a lawyer and arbitrator in a field where the “men’s club” reigned supreme is a testament to what wise choices and determination can achieve. Her story is an antidote to the facile cynicism often expressed about lawyers. Read Madam Arbitrator to be reminded that laws and contracts can indeed protect individuals and create a just society and that one person can make a difference.


—Brian C. Jones, Professor Emeritus, Wartburg College

Madam Arbitrator provides keen insight into the personal and professional life  of . . . one of the Pacific Northwest’s most accomplished labor arbitrators. Interest in this career retrospective will be predictably high among labor historians, law professors, and social scientists . . . for its candid review of modern principles of ethical arbitral decision-making for today’s workplace.


         —Hon. Robert D. Durham, Senior Justice, Oregon Supreme Court

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